Working From Home

Working from Home and IT Support

Working from home with IT Support is a great way to make extra money, and as far as being a major concerned of thinking about whether it is a good or bad decision.

As an at-home help desk specialist you are more likely to be hired by companies who need your services on a regular basis – thereby providing you with long-term employment rather than a month or two of work and then being laid off. You also do not have the pressure of actually having to commute each day.

To start building up experience working from home it is essential that you get some kind of qualification so potential employers know that you are capable of doing the job they want to be done without making mistakes due to lack of experience (which is very possible if hired straight out of school).

Work from home jobs are some of the easiest to get, so you should be able to find a company that is willing to hire you. If not, perhaps taking or upgrading courses in computer science (especially if you have already taken some) could give you an edge over other applicants.

When starting out as a help desk specialist your contract might last only a month or two because it may take a while for the employer to know whether or not they want you on a long-term basis and what kind of rate to offer you. This is not a problem though because once you have gotten some experience under your belt and possibly taken courses, it will be much easier to find contracts with good rates on offer.

Working from home also gives you the privileges of choosing when (and sometimes if) you work – something almost no one else has these days, especially people who have jobs that do not allow them to work from home. For example, I might not want to go to work on a beautiful sunny day, or perhaps I get sick for a week so can’t get up for the morning commute – circumstances like this are completely normal in working from home.

So as far as I am concerned working from home is by far the best way of earning money out there. It’s flexible, it allows you to work from anywhere in the world and get paid for it.

So if you are interested in working from home as a help desk specialist or any other job out there then I suggest looking up getting some kind of qualification – IT Support said that having a CCA was very helpful when applying for contract positions at first. Also, look into taking courses relevant to the job you want so that you can have an edge over applicants who do not (do your research on what qualifications for IT support are useful).

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