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Let's see how Heeduser helps you build a customer-centric business
For Customers
Heeduser is built from the ground up as a customer-facing engagement community. With heeduser your customers and visitors can ask questions, share ideas, report problems, and truly engage with the brands and companies they care about.
Simply contact With an intuitive interface, customers can ask questions, suggest ideas, report problems and share kudos. Get instant response The system provides intelligent search engine, offering your users prepared answers. Easy navigation allows your customers to find the answers themselves from the previous questions. Increase trust Your customers/vistors will see your interactions with customers and this will help increase the credibility of your brand.
For Employees
Heeduser provides an easy-to-use all-in-one place moderation with in the community with no seperate agent interface.
Convenient Interface With a single interface support agents will be able to handle user requests from one place without wasting time. Less routine Organizing the community by adding FAQs will help your users find answers for frequently asked questions, thereby reducing the workload of answering repeted questions. With public community, your customers may answer the questions before they reach you.
For Managers
Heeduser provides an easy-to-use administration console to manage all your feedback.
Improved Support With the ability to automatically leave out repeated similar requests construction of high-quality knowledge base and user-friendly interface to support agents can significantly cut the burden on support staff and support to make the process completely controlled and efficient. Comprehensive analytics Get actionable insight along with feedback. The system provides a rich set of predefined reports. Understand what your customers want Built in voting system will allow to understand the most exciting questions of your customers.
How It's Used Enable your customers to help each other by providing a forum for them to ask questions, share ideas, and learn.

With convinient voting system you can also gather critical feedback on what your customers like and decide your product innvotaion.
List of features
Voting for feedback
Users can vote for the proposed ideas, so you get the information that your customers need most now. Fulfilling the most popular you much faster to increase the loyalty of your customers and increase growth of the customer base.
Best ideas from your customers
Let your customers define what they want and you provide solution for their questions. Our easy-to-use admin module clearly identifies and prioritizes your users' needs, helping you to best define and implement needed changes.
Instant help
When the user writes the query, the system automatically search for the answers that were given earlier, in the case of a match, displays them to the user. This can significantly reduce the burden on support by eliminating repeated answers to the same type of questions.
Users can set custom email notifications on the individual topic or comment posted in the community.
Organize your community
Heeduser provides all the necessary tools to structure information. It is convenient to search the conversations by adding custom types of feedback, categories and tags.
Less cost of customer support
You will notice that began to spend significantly less time on customer support, with winning as a service. The system will automatically help you to avoid duplicating requests.
Add announcemets and the latest announcement will be displayed in the community home page. Let your announcements reach your active users of the community.
Tags & Categories
You can add related tags and categories which will help customers search the feedback.
Images and Videos
Rich text comments are supported along with images and videos.
Easy authorization
User does not need to do the tedious registration. User can use one of their accounts in the popular social networks, also if you have your own user base, we give a convenient mechanism of cross authentication by eliminating the registration process.
How It's Used Heeduser provides a convenient interface for support agents and community moderators allowing complete control on managing feedback.
Manage Feedback Edit topic type, status, categories, tags, comments, follow and do much more.
Google Analytics Connect an external GA account and get complete analytics on your Google Analytics dashboard. Engage Widget Install engage widgets and get feedback from your customers/visitors within your app. Single Sign-On Secure access to Heeduser with single sign-on
All in one place Easy way to customize logo, color scheme to match your company branding without advanced technical knowledge. Custom header & footer Apply custom header and footer with navigations which will match your product/service website navigation. Custom CSS Complete customisation on every community element look & feel Custom URL Choose URL for your community that matches your own domain. (
Analytics 1. Get actionable insight with powerful analytics.
2. Topics and Comments over timeline
3. Constantly improving
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