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Create a Customer Community  –  Seek Ideas.  Answer Questions.  Resolve Problems.  Get Kudos.
Engage early and often with the beautiful widget installed on your website.

Let your users & visitors share Ideas, Questions, Problems & Kudos.
Get an awesome community and engage your audience to drive your growth.

With public community keep each post open and accessible to every customer.
Provide instant answers to your customers before they reach your support team.

Reduce support requests by helping customers to help themselves instantly.
Convert your visitors into customers. Give your visitors a chance to ask or speak.

Visitor engagement platform delivers a great visitor experience.
Feedback is money. Seek the best ideas from your customers and leverage them.

Let your users decide what they want and you build a product that best fits their needs.
Ideas, Questions, Problems & Compliments
Discussions are categorized into main areas - Ideas, Questions, Problems and Compliments. Let your customers define what they want and you provide solution for their questions. Our easy-to-use admin module clearly identifies and prioritizes your users' needs, helping you to best define and implement needed changes.
Instant Help
Reduce support requests by helping customers to help themselves instantly. Provide your customers a great app where they can search for existing feedbacks and get instant help. Let your customers help other customers and visitors and vote for good ideas which in-turn help your product innovation.
You can add your key products and services as categories. Let people connect and discuss on your products and services making them better.
Community News
You can add organization and product news. Let people know the news. Extend your reach by letting them like, comment and share your organization or product news.
It's all about engagement
Users can post topics, add comments and vote for topics. Topics can be tagged for better search. Topics can be categorized with appropriate categories for quicker access. Conversations can be shared across social channels including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linked-in, etc., and much more... All built for engagement !

Heeduser is a community powered customers as well as visitors engagement platform used by companies of all sizes to reduce customer attrition, increase conversion rates, build customer engagement, acquire more customers, drive product innovation and improve customer satisfaction.

In simple words, with Heeduser, customers and visitors can ask questions, share ideas, report problems, and truly engage with the brands and companies they care about. Therefore, it helps make a community of customers and bring together all the feedback, comments and ideas of customers relating to the product of the company.

Heeduser provides a space where companies and individuals connect around the business including products and services they use.

Build Better Products/Services.
Build Better Customer Relationships.
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Heeduser reduced our support cost by 15% and increased our conversion rate by 10%.
We are getting funky ideas from our customers. We are loving it!!!
- Kumar, Axnit solutions.
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Feedback analytics: Feedback analytics services use customer generated feedback data to measure customer experience and improve customer satisfaction. Feedback data is collected, then, using key performance indicators and feedback metrics, turned into actionable information for website improvement. Feedback analytics services provide website owners with the ability to create feedback forms that can be customized to fit the website and placed on all pages. This allows the website's users to submit feedback when they encounter a problem or have a feature request. A feedback button is visible at all times on each of the site's pages. Feedback analytics provide page- and website- level actionable data, and enable a website owner to read and manage feedback, as well as to get back to the users. The feedback is only made accessible to the website owner. This means that websites using feedback analytics are not exposed to the potential harm to their brand that feedback made public may cause. Feedback collection can be passive (using a feedback button), or active (using a feedback form set to appear in certain conditions), or both. The ability to choose the location of the button, as well as the frequency and conditions of the pop-up make feedback analytics a relatively non-intrusive approach from the point of view of the website user. Due to its measurable nature, feedback analytics data can be integrated with web analytics data, allowing website owners to understand what their users are doing on their site (using web analytics) and why they do it (using feedback analytics), in one single interface. Surveys and polls: Surveys and polls provide website administrators with a high-level understanding of user behavior on their site. By asking users a set of pre-defined questions using a pop-up questionnaire (sometimes criticized by website users for being an annoyance), surveys can provide a statistical review of their answers. Surveys and polls are also characterized by their focus on the “site-level”, providing answers about the users' experience on the site as a whole and the website's general performance. With answer to questions such as “Where did you hear about our site”, “What are you looking for” or “How old are you”, website owners are able to get a high-level understanding of their site’s users, though not to find and fix specific issues at the page-level. Since survey data is statistical, it is a methodology that works best for large websites with significant traffic, meaning that not all lines of businesses can benefit equally from it. Idea management: Idea management systems allow website users to suggest ideas, report problems, and vote for other users' ideas. Resembling a live forum, and displaying open discussions between users, idea management systems can reduce support efforts, allowing users to share their common knowledge, and to know if a problem or a solution has been reported previously. The idea management approach may also be useful for businesses looking to have their users publicly vote for their next development steps. A downside of public user management systems is the potential brand damage, when, for instance, users' complaints are displayed on a regular basis.
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